Saturday, September 23, 2017

My new discovery of making money online

I have been quiet for a while now.  It has been a few months that I have not been able to sit in front of my computer to write something exciting, or write something about my adventures.  Lately, there has been a lot of happenings and I just didn't know where to start.

Anyway, today I would like to share my new discovery.  It was by chance that a friend of mine sent me a link on facebook on how to make money online.  I don't normally get into this madness as I know this is just one of the many sites that wants you to click adds and then download viruses to your computer. However, this one was different.  How different?  Well, this was sent by someone I know very well.  So, I kind of trust the recommendation.

The website is called pluggle. This is an advertising website.  It requires one to sign up through a referral link and activate the membership with a code.  The code would cost 1000 Philippine Pesos.  The payment is through, bitcoin, coins ph (another flat form for money making online), or it could be through money sending flatform (palawan express, MLhuiller, Cebuana etc) and some Banks - BDO, BPI, etc.

Once the sign up is activated, the member will received in their account a sign up bonus of 100 Philippine Pesos.  And once during the day for 12 days when a member log in to their account they will receive 100 Philippine Pesos.  That would make it 1300 Philippine Pesos on the 13 day of membership.  It is that easy.  So easily the member gets 300 profit right away for just logging in to their account for 12 days.

Additionally, everytime a member refers a new member, they will receive 100 Philippines Pesos which becomes the downline of the referee. And not only that if the downlines are a pair this will be another 100 Philippines Pesos and if the downlines are level pair it will be 400 Philippines Pesos and this is unlimited pair bonus.

I am enjoying my 3rd week as a member and I have already received 6000 Philippines Pesos from only one account with just 1000 Philippine Pesos investment.

If you are interested check this out click the link

Check the video to understand how to make money on pluggle.  Sometimes, pluggle website is on maintenance so it's not accessible.  You may visit again later.

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